About Us

About Childhood Heart Disease

  • Eight babies are born with a heart defect in Australia every day
  • Heart disease is the biggest killer of Australian kids under one
  • There is no known cure. Once a Heartkid, always a Heartkid
  • Childhood heart disease (CHD) includes congenital heart disease (present at birth) and acquired heart disease (developed during childhood)
  • Thanks to medical advances, there are now an estimated 32,000 adults who have lived with a heart defect since childhood.

About HeartKids Australia

HeartKids Australia is a not for profit organisation focused on improving the lives of children with childhood heart disease and their families.

HeartKids Australia works to:

  • Raise awareness of CHD and its devastating impact on the lives of children and their families
  • Provide essential support to children and young adults with CHD and their families
  • Advocate for the needs of those with CHD and their families.
  • Promote and fund research into the causes, treatment and management of CHD.