Heartkid Stories

Mason, Queensland

Mason Katley, Queensland Heartkid

This is my heartkid Mason.

He was born with truncus arteriosis.

Mason also had VSD, patent ductus arteriosis and a genetic disorder called DiGeorge Syndrome.

Mason is my seecond son but my only heartkid.

We never knew anything was wrong with Mason until two weeks after his birth.

He than had openheart surgery at three weeks of age and will need further open heart surgeries for the rest of his life to replace a valve in his heart.

Mason is now a strong handsome eight year old.  He is a very loving and affectionate child who adores his big brother Jake and little sister Jalie.

As a family we have had many challenges and struggles with Mason, and they were very much worth it. Mason is a fighter and will continue to be a fighter. He is an amazing little boy and I can’t wait to see what kind of adult he becomes.

Mason’s next surgery is just around the corner and I feel this surgery is more scary for me as i know what to expect, and now he is getting older it terrifies me. I know that all will be OK and that he is in the best hands and with HeartKids’ support, my family and my heartkid Mason will be alright.

This is a photo of Mason holding his father’s hand.